Book of Admiration

In 2021, ten authors collaborated on this testament to admiration, creating an anthology of fiction, poetry, and essay.

Each creator received six copies of the book, to share with whomever they liked. Only 60 books will ever be published and distributed.

We asked the writers to create anything they wanted with two caveats: that it be inspired by the idea of admiration and that it fit within the space of ten pages. As writers and creators ourselves, we wanted to see what could happen if we removed the pressure of scale, and instead slid into its place an intimate experience, a shared gift to cherish and pass on to loved ones.

We wanted it to be beautiful, a pleasure to hold and read. To have the exterior feel like art, feel special. A gold foil embossed black linen anthology containing ghost stories, irreverent and reverent poetry, essays, and meditations on art.

The book of admiration is a Hafi production, led by Kristy Hanson and Luke Finsaas.