E Yeon Chang

E Yeon is a MFA candidate and Goldwater Fellow at New York University. A former Editor-in-Chief of West 10th, she was awarded the 2019 Contemporary Literature Prize by the NYU English Department for her Summa Cum Laude thesis on transnational feminist remembrance in Comfort Women Literature. She has also received recognition from the Tory Dent Research Scholarship, NYU’s A/P/A Institute and the Academy of American Poets. E Yeon has 4 years of teaching experience as a Senior Learning Assistant at the University Learning Center and a Creative Writing Professor at NYU. E Yeon’s poetry has appeared in Honey Literary, Split Lip Magazine, Pleiades, and elsewhere. She is developing her first manuscript, which centers on 웅녀 [Ungnyeo], the Bear Woman from Korea’s origin myth.


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